Trump Vows To “Bring Back Public Executions” At Rally In AL

With only nine days until voting in the US there is yet another Trump campaign controversy.  Presidential hopeful and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump recently  boasted he would bring back public executions at a  political rally to a small crowd in Limestone County, Alabama.

“What are we going to do to all these bad guys Huh? They’re not paying taxes that’s for sure! Many of them are here illegally. I say we hang them! Would you like to see that? If i’m elected ill bring back public executions!

It’ll be great, it’ll be fantastic, better than baseball even.”

The crowd was whipped into a frenzy by the violent rhetoric. Many participated in a group TRUMP! chant and hooted and hollered while pumping their fists.

Political strategists say he was only playing to the states history of  ignorance and violence and his campaign had not fully incorporated public capital punishment into his campaign platform but would consider  the addition if they saw a bump in polling numbers from the speech.



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