Study Concludes “Exaggerated Sigh” Effective In Expediting Long Lines

Chicago IL –

A recently published study found that passive- aggressively making an exaggerated sigh out loud when waiting in line can often help to speed up the process. Whether you are stuck behind the person with 26 items in the 10 items or less “express” line at the grocery store or the group of turbaned gentlemen at the airport, waiting stinks.  Getting caught in the que is often aggravating.

Luckily University of Chester on the Isle of Man recently concluded a year long social experiment that proved that passively letting others around you know that you are not happy with waiting helps.

“Go ahead and actualize the negative vibes that most of surrounding people are thinking, that works great. Be sure to not quite verbalize or communicate your actual disdain for the situation. Remember you’re not trying to be constructive here. Just let your negativity and hatred slowly ooze out into the crowd and taint the entire environment around you.

If you’re really in hurry make some snickering noises as well, not quite words just mouth sounds really, that helps the people working know you care. I’d even say feel free to toss in a death stare.”

The study also found that when you do come to the end of the line it doesn’t hurt to fully express your non-gratitude by refusing to exchange pleasantries with any staff members.

So don’t forget “When in Line, It Helps to Whine.”

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