Rachel Dolezal claims to identify as “not a piece of shit”

Controversial figure Rachel Dolezal is following up her original comments that she identifies as black, by saying now that she also identifies as “not a piece of shit.”

“You can identify yourself as many things in this shizzle we call life. I am a beautiful black woman, know what I’m saying? Ain’t nothing that is wrong with that,” Dolezal stated with her arms crossed and with an oversized baseball cap turned backwards on her head. “And despite the fact that I’m getting a lot of snail mail stating otherwise, I identify as not a piece of shit. Y’all are just hatin’ on me.”

Dolezal came into the public eye after individuals, including her own family, began calling her out for faking that fact that she was African-American. She was the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Spokane, Washington until she resigned in June 2015 after her race was brought into question. After pressure from numerous news outlets and multiple interviews, Dolezal slightly altered the story of her ethnicity, stating that she is “transracial” and views herself as black, thus conceding that she probably isn’t actually African-American but just “feels” black.

“Sometimes girls view themselves as boys. Sometimes boys view themselves as men. Sometimes Boyz II Men viewed themselves as not awful. Sometimes plants view themselves as animals. Sometimes my gym coach viewed himself as my boyfriend. None of this is wrong. None of this is strange,“ Dolezal said. “And I view myself as not a piece of shit. I don’t know why that’s so hard for people to understand. It is without question completely and utterly whack.”

It has been speculated that some believe Dolezal is attempting to cash in on her infamy, possibly kicking off some sort of self-help career in which if you convince yourself that you are something, no one will really believe that you are that thing, but you won’t care because you are very proud to be convinced that you are that thing.

“People are tripping thinking I am some one trick pony, that me identifying as black is the only noteworthy thing about me. Not everybody has got the time for that,” Dolezal stated. “I identify as an independent woman. I identify as a bad ass bitch – a true ride or die kind of gal. I identify as a potato. I identify as the guy who used to sing those commercials. I identify as a world class chess Grandmaster. I identify as an 11th century basket weaver. I identify as the president of NAACP Spokane. I identify as the President of the United States! POTUS! First black president. First real black president, I should say.”

Dolezal was asked to clarify the statement.

“Not my president,” Dolezal insisted. “He’s only half black anyways.”

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