Jared Leto Relieved to Officially be 2nd Most Hated Jared in the World

A new poll discovers that Jared Fogle is now officially the world’s most hated person named Jared, ending the long-running tie for ‘Most Hated Jared’ between himself and Jared Leto. Jared Leto could not be more pleased.

“I’m so jazzed. So, so jazzed, “ Leto said. “It’s as if I was never tied for being the most hated Jared in the entire world, even though we all know that I was. But it doesn’t feel that way anymore.”

The star, who no one can understand why he is in such movies as Fight Club, Requiem For a Dream, and American Psycho, was previously tied to Jared Fogle for being the world’s most detested person named Jared.

Fogle recently plead guilty to charges of possession of child pornography.

“I wanted to write a song about the experience,” Leto said. Leto leads the band 30 Seconds to Mars. “So I wrote a song about it. I call it “Hate me if you will, hurt me if you must.”

Despite this newfound satisfaction, Leto still finds necessary the need to continue the discussion on Jareds people hate.

“There’s Jared Gilman, he’s very easy to hate. Look him up; he’s that fat kit that nobody likes in Hot Tub Time Machine. If more people knew who he was, people would hate him a lot maybe more than me. Then there’s Jared Allen on the Chicago Bears, a lot of people hate him too. I’m hoping in the upcoming years they also become more hated than me. I am hoping that by 2017 I will be the 4th most hated Jared, I can’t wait!”

How the recent Subway marketing ‘Baby Snacker’ scandal affects the Jared Fogle/Jared Leto hate debate remains to be unseen.

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