“I didn’t finish High School or have a formal education, I like Hillary.” : Katie Perry sums up her political position at DNC

For all those voters who were desperately waiting the sage political advice of a bloated former POP singer to sway their political positioning, Katie Perry delivered at the DNC on Friday evening. Katie Perry, former husband of Russell Brand took to the stage late into the DNC to endorse Democratic Presidential candidate  Hillary Clinton.

Katie known for her hits “I kissed a Girl”, “Ur So Gay” and “Waking up in Vegas” urged people to cast their vote for Hillary and the Democratic Party. She followed the speech with a few of her former hits and there appeared to be some trouble with the mic system as the sound quality was lacking.

MSNBC plans to bring Katie Perry on full time as a paid political pundit and also provide free access to GED courses to supplement her commentary.

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