Farelly Brothers screen original 1994 film in place of supposed Dumb and Dumber sequel, theater goers agree- It’s the funniest thing they have seen in years.

Movie goers were pleasantly surprised  this week when the Farelly Brothers (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary and Me, Myself and Irene) duped audiences into believing they had written and directed a sequel to their 1990’s comedy powerhouse Dumb and Dumber featuring the original actors Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels.

The media hyped “Dumber and Dumber To” for months and had long time fans rabidly awaiting its release. As the opening scenes began the audience rumbled in defiance. Most viewers thought it was part of some elaborate opening scene but thirty minutes into the original release they realized they were in for a full 92 minutes of guaranteed laughs.

Patrons were relieved and were seen laughing as they filed out as the original film credits from 1992 rolled.

Catching up with one group of fans as they left they shared their thoughts:

“Best comedy I’ve seen in years, Id happily pay to see it again on the big screen even though I have the VHS at home.”

“I’m glad they didn’t try to jam some sequel crap down our throats like they did with all those crappy prequels.”

“I thought the Farelly brothers must have been hard up for cash by whoring out a classic comedy for a reboot with a couple of over the hill actors but they totally  redeemed themselves with this stunt.”

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