Trump Camp Vetting “White Thing” from Ted Cruz’s Lip for VP

Washington DC- Insiders confirm that the small bit of unknown  substance that made its appearance on Ted Cruz’s lower lip at the Republican  Debate  is currently on Donald Trump’s shortlist for Vice President.

There are a number of unknowns about not only the political makeup of the particle mass but more importantly what it actually is made of. Political pundits have speculated but there seems to be no authority on the matter.

This much we know; it appeared on Ted Cruz’s lower lip, then made a quick transfer upstairs to the upper lip before quickly moving back down to rest briefly on the lower lip before being wrangled into Ted’s mouth by a subtle lip movement and swallowed.

Given the current political situation most polled Republican voters are “OK” with the white bit of unknown substance from Ted’s mouth being on the ticket and holding the second most important seat in U.S politics.

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