Trump Buys $2.8 Million Dollars Worth of Bitcoin

CHICAGO- The white house staff has announced that Donald Trump recently purchased 239.346925761210 Bitcoins worth a whopping 2.8M USD. Trump has stated that he plans to file taxes on the purchase and that he bought the Bitcoin because he has quickly lost faith in the Federal Reserve Bank and his recent appointment of Jerome Powell as chairman. Bitcoin is a popular crypto-currency that has seen astronomical growth over the last few years. Many question the legality of the Commander and Chief of the United States making such a large purchase in an asset category that is under scrutiny for  operating in a grey area. “Bitcoin is great, really, really great. It goes up and up and up., it winning right now and I’m a winner so of course I have bitcoin. I got it from Mr. Nakamoto, hes such a great guy, really nice guy, great guy. I might even buy some Ethereum, I know Putin likes it.”

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