Train Your Dog to Walk Bi-Pedal

Referred to as "Bi- Pedaling" the practice involves intense physical training

Chicago IL-

A new fad is sweeping the United States, getting your dog to walk like a human. Officially referred to as “Bi- Pedaling” the practice involves intense physical training that can last anywhere from three weeks to six months. Brick and mortar training centers are popping up like Starbucks in cutting edge neighborhoods like  LoDo in Denver, CO, along West 6th St in Austin, TX and in the Marina District out in San Francisco, CA.

Although our prices may seem expensive we are offering owners something they have always dreamed of….” said John Jake Mitchell Owner and Lead Trainer at Walk Right Dog Training in CA.

Not only does the forced learning create unforgettable memories for passerbys’ but pet owners that have successfully completed the program have seen huge increases in social media following with lots of people asking for pictures with their newly bi- pedal pets.

The benefits are endless honestly, I’m just pissed that I didn’t do it sooner.” said Chantelle Gripes an owner of a two year old Labradoodle that completed its training at a Walk Right facility in Back Bay, Boston, MA in just under twenty- seven weeks.

I think it was totally worth the 4,800 USD price tag honestly, people just assume he’s some kind of service dog now, plus it’s cute and funny.

Veterinarians have whole heartily shunned the idea and deemed  the practice a form of cruel and unsusal punishment. The Veterinarian United community is currently seeking animal abuse chargers to be filed against anyone who has had their pet undergo the training and more importantly purveyors of the “training”.  Vets warn that the physical complications arising from “Bi-Pedaling” can negatively effect canines life span by leading to crippling arthritis and digestive disorders.

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