Stadium Seating Catalyst For Acceptable Littering

NEW YORK – “You put me on a steep grade with communal seating and its on.” said Jim Bodicki when asked why he had constructed a small empire of broken peanut shells, smashed cups and crumpled bratwurst wrappers. “Yeah I don’t know what it is, I’m normally a pretty considerate guy,” he said as he stomped a pile of debris and shoved it under his seat at Yankee Stadium. “I drive a Prius for god sake!” as he reached for the bag of caramel corn jammed into the unoccupied seat next to him. “I mean they come by and hose this down or something after.” “Whether it’s a baseball game or a movie theatre, any venue where people are gathered in a stadium seating environment some hardwired neurological instinct is disabled, and trash becomes non-personal. The crowd enters a dissociative state where they believe that somehow the trash will be cleaned up easily and without effort” said the sociologist Michael Reinbeck. “If only we were able to peel back the mystery for people and force attendees to stay long after the entertainment had subsided so they could watch workers perform the time consuming, labor intensive task of cleaning up the debris.”

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