RIAA Illegal Music Download Lawsuit Increasing in Controversy by Defendant’s Bad Taste in Music

Tempe, AZ – Trent Harper is a sophomore at Arizona State University, majoring in communications. He is currently fighting a legal battle with the RIAA – or the Recording Industry Association of America – for allegedly downloading music illegally, and the consequences for him are proving costly.

Between February and April of 2016 Trent is being charged with downloading at least 23 songs, all of which he is firmly denying ever having downloaded with a plea of not guilty.

“All of these songs are things that I would never listen to,” Harper said in an interview with the press on Tuesday. “They say that I downloaded Ace of Base – I Saw the Sign. I mean come on. Nobody likes that song. It’s not good anym- it was never good.”

Findings in the official report investigation detail the specific times that the downloads occurred, all of them coming from Harper’s laptop and IP address, out of his dorm room. Arizona State University has also provided the RIAA any and all information they needed to remove any uncertainty that these downloads were done on Harper’s computer, most likely from him.

“Seriously, Who Let the Dogs Out? Why would I ever download that? I would have to be a real loser to download a shitty song like that,” Harper stated. “Even if I liked that song, which I do not, I would just stream it on Youtube or something. It’s not like I need to have that song with me via .mp3 everywhere I go all the time, every waking moment of every day.”

Representatives from the RIAA say that they are trying to work with Harper and get him to change his plea to guilty, so that his punishment would just be a simple small fine and potentially a few community service hours.

The penalty for being found guilty while pleading not guilty would result in 4 years in prison for Harper.

Asked why he would not just plead guilty so as to not risk serious jail time, Harper replied,

“Powerman 5000. Black Eyed Peas. Puddle of Mudd. Flo Rida. 3 Doors Down. Pitbull. Creed! Literally, multiple fucking Creed songs,” Harper said. “A lot of people happen to like these songs, so I don’t get why everyone is hating on me for ‘allegedly’ downloading them, but I didn’t! I listen to good music. I have good taste in music. Probably the best,” Harper cried. “Now if you’ll all excuse me, I’ve got some LEGAL music to go listen to in my dorm room – Caribbean Trap-infused EDM!!!”

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