Republican Bruce Jenner… First woman president?


Chicago, IL – Former Olympian Bruce Jenner recently announced he is transitioning to become a woman.  During his in-depth interview with Diane Sawyer Jenner also came out as a republican.  Today Bruce kept the shocking announcements coming and announced he will enter the crowded republican field to seek the Republican candidacy for president.   When asked about what qualified him to lead the country Jenner said

“For far too long this country has been run terribly by men.  It’s time we let a female apply her gentle touch to our country.  We need a woman to hold this country to her bosom and nurse it back to health and I intend to be that woman.”

There was outrage all across the political spectrum upon Jenner’s announcement.  Most pundits couldn’t keep from speculating what a general election race would look like between Jenner and democrat front runner and female, Hillary Clinton.  Jenner wasted no time in going after his potential future foe.

“Let’s face it Hillary is downright manly and this country doesn’t need another man.”  Jenner said in a sassy tone.

Jenner is a long shot but a catfight might be brewing.  Presidential races always take weird twists but 2016 might take the cake.

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