Trey Anastasio agrees to try a “Speedball” before final Dead set to embody the spirit of Jerry Garcia.

Chicago, IL – In a recent interview Phish front man Trey Anastasio revealed shocking plans to simultaneously inject both heroin and cocaine and use what is known as a “speedball” before he takes the stage at what is being billed as  “Fare Thee Well” the final Grateful Dead Concert to be held in Chicago’s Iconic Soldier Field July 3rd-5th.

These alleged statements haven’t been taken lightly, when used in combination the powerful narcotics have lead to the death of many famous individuals including; Jerry Garcia,  John Belushi, Chris Farley, River Phoenix and Mitch Hedberg to name a few. Since released there has been an outcry by Phish and  Grateful Dead fans alike expressing their concern that Trey may be the latest addition to the morbid list of victims.

“I give the people what they want; it’s all about the fans and always had been. It’s critical for me to really go deep down and tap the essence of Jerry. If that means I have to simultaneously mainline multiple schedule 1 drugs than guess what I’m gonna mainline multiple Schedule 1 drugs. I already know your next question; no I won’t be cutting my finger off.”

On top of his willingness to explore the siren lure of the drug combination that ultimately lead to Jerry’s demise Trey is also rumored to be packing on the pounds by eating up to five cheeseburgers a day and  washing them down with a pint of Cherry Garcia.

Dead fans wanted the nostalgia of an overweight, drug addled front man and it appears they may have their wish. The public will find out early this July at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

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