Pat Quinn penniless: “It was a foregone conclusion that I would end up in jail, there was no plan B.”

Former IL Governor Pat Quinn confirmed allegations today to the news media that he is financially broke.

“It’s gone, all gone. I spent the afternoon driving around to the 68 banks where I have  accounts, they’ve all been shut down. My Teachers pension fund debit card got declined this afternoon at Quiznos. All my revenue streams have been cut off, I used to have Salvation Army drop off a couple dozen of their collection buckets around Christmas but Im sure Rauner will get those now. I’m down to shoebox money, which isn’t much at all.”

When asked what he plans to do in the future, Mr. Quinn replied curtly

“Run, run goddamit. I need to get back in there somewhere. I’ll run somewhere down South in some podunk town where they don’t remember my name.”

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