Kaepernick Reverses Position After Finding Out He Is Actually Of Indian Decent via

Colin Kaepernick went on the record  earlier this morning completely changing his stance on his earlier position about America oppressing minorities after tracing his genetics back to that of Indian descent. “A lil’ leaf popped up and I clicked it, the rest is history.

“That website caused a change in me. I meditated on this long and hard last night and I’ve got a word to say about everything that’s been going on with me in the news: “Namaste,” Kaepernick said.

“America is the land of opportunity. I have accrued many millions of dollars through hard work. I could have been a doctor. I could have been a gas station clerk, owned a 7-11, taxi driver – whatever. I am my own man. Nobody is oppressing me. I am in my zen-spot.”

Kaepernick claims he paid the $99 to activate an account and immediately starting finding out that his genetic heritage comes from Indian, not African-American roots.

“I have grown so much in the past 24 hours. I apologize to the African-American community for my previous statements. None of those were true. I am an Indian man,” Kaepernic said. “I’m not certain which caste I likely came from. Probably the Kshatriya – rulers or warriors. We blaze our own trail. The point of America is to make what you will of your own life, and that is what I’ve done. It’s karma, really – you reap what you sow.”

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