Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán outraged by Trump’s disparaging comments depicting Mexicans as drug-dealing criminals

Chicago, IL –

The notorious Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is not pleased by Donald Trump’s recent controversial comments regarding Mexicans, and is apparently willing to go to drastic and extreme lengths to demonstrate his disapproval, reports say.

“El Chapo say he real mad, and he don’t like him no more.”

said a member of El Chapo’s entourage, choosing to remain anonymous.

“He say he used to like him, and like him on his shows and whatever, but now he just comes off as mean. Comes off as insensitive. Talking about Mexicans, saying that we bring drugs over the border, that we are criminals… This hurt Chapo – big time. Only God can pass such judgment, Chapo said.”

El Chapo recently sent Trump a message via Twitter, expressing his disagreement with Trump’s public statements.

“El Chapo gonna get back at Trump for what he said. That ain’t right to say that about Mexicans.  By the time Chapo is done with him, the entire Trump family will regret he said those things about Mexicans.”

“The first thing Chapo say he gonna do is NOT watch the Miss USA pageant, because of Trump’s affiliation, and Chapo always watches Miss USA. So this is really crazy,” El Chapo’s employee said

“Chapo say the best way to get revenge is to hurt Trump in his pocketbook, his wallet. He say that if enough of us rise up and reject the entrepreneurial offerings that Trump has to offer as a collective whole, that we would really be making a bold statement that would resonate within the community, and beyond.”

“This kind of allied unity amongst Mexican people would not only substantially affect Trump’s livelihood, but also help prove that what Trump said of the Mexican people is just flat-out wrong.”  said  El Chapo said.”

Rumors are afloat online in various message boards that El Chapo will be organizing a peaceful “sit-in” protest in the International Trump Hotel in Chicago, IL later this month.

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