Hillary Clinton casually uses “NEXT PREZ” as name at Starbucks in New York

Democratic nominee and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton stopped into a local Starbucks near Lower Manhattan in New York State last week where she submitted the name “Next Prez” to the barista on staff.

“She came in and it was a big to do, she had an entourage of 15 or 20 people with her. I thought it would be cheeky to ask her for a name and she said “Let’s go with, next Prez. “  Which I thought was  just such an embarrassing and tacky gesture. It’s something I’m shameful to have took part in to be honest.” said Jim Brickey the twenty six year old Mannhattanite who penned the label at Clinton’s request.

The manager on duty came out and requested a few “selfies” with the former Secretary State. All the other patrons were quickly ushered out of the bustling establishment as Mrs. Clinton’s security staff established a perimeter around the facility.

“When she went to pay she snapped her fingers and a nameless suit figure in the background produced a credit card emblazoned with the American flag. My manager insisted the coffee was on the house and anything else she wanted.”

“Well in that case who’s drinking what?” She yelled and her entire staff queued up to receive free merchandise.

She also added two dozen breakfast sandwiches to the order and as quickly as she stormed into the place she was gone. Only leaving behind an unpaid bill in the amount of  $493.87  which  later the manager found out would not reimbursed by corporate and he would  be held personally  accountable for.

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