Hacky Sack Tribunal Votes Out Obnoxious Showoff Member

In what some might describe as a long time coming, Long Beach, CA hackysack group ‘Footbags Forever’ voted out former member Todd “Famous Footwork” Polecky for being a selfish, narcissistic hack-hog.

“When Todd went from a Double Cloud Kick straight to a Double Switch-over, and then transitioned immediately to a Frontside Flapper, that’s when it was see ya dude, buh-bye, I knew he was going to get voted out,” Chad Bennington, a member of Footbags Forever, said. “It takes a lot of nerve to string those together casually in an exhibition session. Everybody knows that and nobody does it, out of respect.”

Chad insists that Todd would regularly defy social hacky sack norms just to be known in the scene as a bad boy.

“I am a fan of head stalls and knee delays as much as the next guy,” Chad stated. “But it would get to the point where Todd would stall the footbag on his head for several minutes. This isn’t fun anymore. Everyone would be shouting at Todd to put the sack back into play, and he just wouldn’t do it. He knew my break at Steak & Shake was almost over and he didn’t even care.”

Todd, when questioned, stated he was going to start his own hacky sack cooperative.

“Imagine a place where you could transition from a Spinning Symposium Down Double Down straight to a Blurry Whirling Swirl free of judgment,” Todd said. “Imagine a world where you could execute as many perfect Pogo Voodoos as you wished. A place where Spike Hammers and Grave Diggers are no longer banned. This is the world I envision. This is my manifesto.”

Others in the community think Todd’s plans aren’t realistic.

“You can’t just have people going straight from a Bullwhip to a Scorpion’s Tail. People have tried it before and it just never works,” Chad said. “You’ve got to have structure and order. Without it, everyone will just be fighting for their next turn with the footbag to go from a Flurricane, right to a Spyro Gyro, directly into Pixie Paradon and we all know what happens when people do that,  individualism trumps the sense of community.”

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