Doctors to begin prescribing Mexican Black Tar Heroin instead of OxyContin to further increase profits.

Chicago IL –

Physicians across the U.S. have been turning to cheaper more cost effective pain management solutions and have adopted practices that many deem unethical.

“It’s annoying because I’m out here busting my ass for Purdue Pharma moving pills all day and my rep says I can’t get the wholesale cost down any further. I went through three Oxy prescription pads this week alone, what more do they want?”

This frustration with OxyContin manufactures has led many doctors down south of the border to illegally acquire similar products for a fraction of the cost.  It appears the Zeta cartel has deployed a number of “pharmaceutical sales representatives” here in the states to convince doctors to begin selling their more cost effective black tar heroin. The reps appear to be very convincing and equipped with very deep pockets to help “persuade” doctors.

“I had a Zeta rep in here every day for two weeks! We had lunches all over town Olive Garden, Sizzler TGI Fridays you name it. The whole office loved them. In fact they’re flying me down to FL to play golf this weekend. It took me awhile but after realizing I could increase my per prescription profit by 1200% by getting people on the spike it was pretty clear, I was sold. Plus my kid’s private schooling isn’t free!”

The only difficult hurdle in the transition is getting people comfortable with self administering intravenous drugs rather than simply popping a pill. Teaching patients to cook with a spoon, tie off and find a vein can be exhausting especially for the elderly but with time most physician assistants help them get the trick.

In terms of my day- to –day not much has changed, Miguel drives up from Juarez about once a month and gives us the product and then it’s a simple catch all just like Oxy.”

“Back pain? Mexican black tar heroin.  Foot pain? Mexican black tar heroin. Post surgery pain? Mexican black tar heroin. Stiff neck? Mexican black tar heroin. Depression? Mexican black tar heroin. You get the point.”

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