“Dick Vitale apologizes for Judd kiss, regrets not attempting second Base.”

Dick Vitale the 75-year old ESPN analyst has been getting some heat for the kiss he gave, or what some would say he took from famous actress Ashley Judd on Sunday before the SEC Championship game. Judd appears to be defending the awkward looking photo and claims that anything without tongue is consensual.

Dick has only one regret on the day and that’s not going for more, “After I rounded first I should have went for the titty touch, but hell there’s always next year.”

Rumors are that he still sticks to his go-to canned responses when asked for comment.

“ 1. You can do anything you want when you’re old and 2. You can never “rape” your wife.”

Critics claim Judd may have exposed the senior citizen to the herpes simplex virus but the media is unable to confirm.

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