Chris Christie accidentally eats five pot brownies at donor dinner in Monmouth County, N.J.

Who ate all the pot brownies?

Republican  presidential hopeful and current New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, recently got more than he expected when he over indulged in dessert at a recent donor dinner. Governor Christie was attending a political fundraiser put together by his campaign in the hotbed of political affluence, Monmouth County, NJ.

Long known for its iconic status and popular location to stuff political warchests, Monmouth County is home to a number of private clubs facing the Navesink River estuary, along with inland estates sitting on former horse farms that house super elite political donors.

Christie like many before him and many after,  setup a private dinner to drum up more campaign funds and outline his upcoming agenda.

The menu included a five course dinner with a buffet of desserts to conclude the meal. Unbeknownst to Christie and his staff, one of the attendees that night was a well known “ganjapenuer” who had cashed in on the recent marijuana legislation by securing numerous licenses across states to grow and sell marijuana and marijuana paraphanelia. One of the most successful ventures was the development of a commercial “edibles” company, Green Briar Products, LLC, that specializes in THC infused confections.

A large plate was brought to the dinner containing over two dozen high potency Marijuana infused brownies with explicit instructions to “not serve in the dessert buffet, as they were presents to the owner of the house only.”

After finishing his fourth Cornish hen and rack of lamb, Christie was excused to use the “restroom” and proceeded to sneak into the kitchen to get a jumpstart on the desserts before any of the donors.

Blatantly ignoring his wife, campaign staff and medical staff, Christie helped himself to a near half dozen of the brownies in the back corner innocently wrapped in tin foil.

Little detail has been gathered as to what transpired in the hours that followed  ingesting the massive dose of the psychoactive  drug  but Christie appeared distraught and one guest described his eyes as “big as dinner plates“.

Christie proceeded to gorge himself on any and all food that remained at the house, helping himself to “off menu” items in the hosts refrigerator, blame the Clinton Foundation for the devastation of hurricane Sandy, suggest a potential “three way” sexual experience including himself, his wife and another patron and then offered to squeeze his “tits” together for a cheesecake photo for any donor that pledged more than $10,000.

The damage done by the event is unknown but donation totals from the evening reflect potential catastrophic repercussions on both his political and personal life.

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