Chief Keef succeeds in willfully destroying black culture

Chief Keef: Making people racist since 2011

Nothing says worthless piece of shit like promoting murder, drug use, objectification of women and the ruthless pursuit of money above all else.

Keith Cozart or Chief Keef is the modern day messiah of Chicago’s increasing popular “drill” music. Drill music is marketed to youth across the country and promotes the most ignorant, unfulfilling and dangerous lifestyle possible. All this is being eaten up by the down trodden under educated poor teenagers that see Chief Keef as a role model.

Rather than acknowledge the terrible conditions of his own hopeless  upbringing and work to elevate and change the upside-down culture prevalent in Chicago’s dangerous west and south side neighborhoods, he’s content shoving the same “fuck bitches, get money and kill people” tunes that continue to rot his own culture from the inside out.

Let’s all hope Chief Keef catches a stray bullet to the dome from an underage fan that was lured into the glitz and glamour of gunplay by none other than the Chief himself.

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