Cheetos To Finally Include “Eating Glove” With Every Bag

Chicago IL-

Frito- Lay Corporation has finally announced plans to include a signature “Single- Use Coating Protection Device” in select bags of its signature “Cheetos” line of  products. In a press release a Cheetos spokesperson said this development seeks to remedy a problem that has long plagued their consumers.

“The amount of mail we get about “cheeto fingers” is staggering, we have to make up a de facto “cheese fingers response” team every summer that is usually a handful of  interns. People are passionate about our product, especially the African American community with the Flaming Hot line. You would be shocked how many times “cheeto fingers” have ruined a wedding dress.”

The gloves are to set to begin distribution in the Original Cheetos Crunchy Cheese Flavored and Crunchy Flamin’ Hot Flavored line in select states.

The brand had been in negotiations with former football star and alleged murderer O. J “The Juice” Simpson as  their new product ambassador under the new campaign “If The Glove Fits You Must, Eat It”. He will also re-ignite the “Dangerously Cheesy” slogan.

The glove has not been shown to protect consumers from diabetes.

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