BLACK GUYS SPLATTER: Violence in Chicago reaches historic highs: 2,303 people shot to date.

Black Guys Splatter Black Guys Splatter

Chicago IL –

Every two minutes and nine seconds someone is shot on the streets of Chicago. Every thirteen hours someone is shot and killed.

While the National News Media and local activists take to the streets to protest the appalling nature of a few young black men killed under questionable conditions at the hand of sworn police officers the unending slaughter on the streets of Chicago’s South and West side neighborhoods continues.

No one seems to be immune to the violence in Chicago with people of all ages and races caught in the crossfire. One undeniable fact is that the astounding majority of these senseless killings, more than (79%) involve young black males as both the assailants and victims.

Why have so many advocates on both sides chosen to turn a blind eye to the violence or have chosen to make their stands regarding the comparably insignificant issue of police violence?

If we ended Police violence in Chicago this year we would have saved the lives of 5 individuals.  If we ended black on black violence in Chicago in 2015 we would have already saved 298 individuals.

Do we not do a disservice to the sanctity of life by not working to combat a far greater issue that has compromised the lives of many more individuals?

Does Chicago need to declare a State of emergency and call in armed militia to restore order? One thing is for sure, as people continue to protest and condone the violence and militarization of police across the country the slaughter in Chicago will continue unabated.

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